The Children’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) identifies ‘the big picture’ in terms of the health and wellbeing needs and inequalities of the local population. It is based on the analysis of current and predicted health and well-being outcomes and sets out what people want from their services. The JSNA is underpinned by partnership working, community engagement and evidence of effectiveness.

The JSNA is a systematic way of assessing the health and social needs of Halton.  It enables strategic partnerships and commissioning leads to make informed decisions about local action and services across a wide range of needs.

It not only looks at the overall health and social needs of children & young people, but considers inequalities in outcomes and experience for specific groups, such as children living in areas of deprivation, as well as focusing on themes related to, for example, age, gender, disability, and vulnerable groups.

The Halton Health & Wellbeing Board has overall responsibility for the JSNA.  The development of Halton’s children’s JSNA is led by the Public Health Team with support of partner agencies across Halton Children’s Trust and beyond

JSNA chapters, shorter reports and profiles relating to Children & Young People can be found at  https://www3.halton.gov.uk/Pages/health/topics/cyp.aspx